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      2016 DABA Baseball
Rainout information follow us on Twitter @dababaseball 
        Rainout Phone    972 489-9802
League is for players under age of 23 yr old as of 6/1/16 with
at least one year of college eligibility remaining
Season starts about Memorial Day and ends late July 
Contact League office for more information
League Information  214 538-5863
Two Hour time limit with ten run rule after five innings &
eight run rule after six innings. One extra inning if tied at
end of seven innings or time. Extra inning rule not will NOT 
be used until further notice.
All players must be listed on roster card to be eligible. Wood
or wood composite only. American League rules including DH.
Clock starts on game time as printed on schedule for first game
each day. Ninety seconds between innings. Pinch run for catchers
The league will be divided into two groups using results of the
the first round of games. 
Each group will play an additional 13 game schedule, with
the group winners advancing to the city tournament. The other
five places will be determined by a point system with a team
receiving 2 pts for a win against a team that plays in the
first group, and 1 point for a win in the second group. 
Wins in the a first half count towards the final
point total. Points determine city tournament seeding
Each player must have a contract on file with the league before playing
in a league game.
Click on link for maps  More links will be added for additional parks
Reverchon Park
3505 Maple Ave, Dallas, Tx 75219
Rev = Reverchon Park (Turtle Creek and Maple)
Randall Park
100 S Glasgow Dr. Dallas, Tx 75214
Ran=Randall Park (Glasgow and Abrams)
Samuell Grand Park
6200 E Grand Ave, Dallas, TX 75223
SG = Samuell Grand Park, Dallas, Tx
WT White High School
4500 Ridgeside, Dallas, Tx 75244
WTW = W T White High School
Hillcrest High School
9924 Hillcrest, Dallas, Tx 75230
Hil = Hillcrest High School
Arlington Bowie High School
1203 W Pioneer Pkwy, Arlington, TX 76013
Check twitter page @DABAbaseball for rainout info
         Rainout info also on phone at 972 489-9802
  First Half Schedule
  1 Dukes 5 Mustangs
2 Gators 6 Texans
3 Diamond Prospects 7 Wildcats
4 Jaramillo Baseball 8 A's
9 Texas Stars
    2016 DABA League First Half            
GM #      Date Day Time   Home       Visitor   Park   Notes
1 31-May Tue 6:00 3 Diamond Prospects     8 A's   Rev    
2     8:00 4 Jaramillo Baseball     7 Wildcats        
3 1-Jun Wed 6:00 5 Mustangs     6 Texans   Rev    
4     8:00 4 Jaramillo Baseball     5 Mustangs        
5 2-Jun Thur 6:00 2 Gators     7 Wildcats   Rev    
6     8:00 2 Gators     9 Texas Stars        
7 4-Jun Sat 3:00 8 A's     9 Texas Stars   Bowie    
8     5:00 8 A's     6 Texans        
9 5-Jun Sun 3:00 2 Gators     3 Diamond Prospects   Hillcrest    
10     5:00 3 Diamond Prospects     4 Jaramillo Baseball        
11 6-Jun Mon 6:00 5 Mustangs     1 Dukes   Hillcrest    
12 7-Jun Tue 6:00 6 Texans     7 Wildcats   Rev    
13 7-Jun Tue 7:00 8 A's     4 Jaramillo Baseball   Bowie    
14 8-Jun Wed 6:00 2 Gators     5 Mustangs   Rev    
15     8:00 9 Texas Stars     5 Mustangs        
16 9-Jun Thur 6:00 7 Wildcats     1 Dukes   Rev    
17     8:00 6 Texans     2 Gators